10 Libros gratis en inglés para que practiques el idioma

Look no further when looking for free books to read! Look for a wide free online books for you, free classical books. Find the world’s greatest literature, such as Great Expectations.

10 Libros gratis en inglés para que practiques el idioma

  1. Leviathan Thomas Hobbes
  2. De Cive  Thomas Hobbes
  3. The Elements of Law Natural and Politic Thomas Hobbes
  4. On Loving God Saint Bernard de Clairvaux
  5. The Spirit of Love William Law
  6. Pensées Blaise Pascal
  7. A Good Humor Hans Christian Andersen
  8. Ulysses James Joyce
  9. Camoens: the lyric poet: address at Vasar College on April, 1909 Joaquim Nabuco
  10.  Capital: A Critique of Political Economy - Volume I Karl Marx
With so many classic books to read, there's something for everyone. From high sea adventures to romances, these classics deliver.

If people are still reading the book 50 years after it was published then it's probably on its way to being a classical book.

30 Classic books that you should not miss reading

Books are at the core of a classical, liberal arts education. Today, it has always been thetradition for students to develop a personal library of books that they mark in, keep and return to during their timeat and which they will be able to treasure for years to come. We call these books “Classics to Keep”.

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