Libro: Más vale maña que fuerza de Manuel Tamayo y Baus

Título: Más vale maña que fuerza

Autor: Manuel Tamayo y Baus

Categoria: Literatura

Idioma: Español

Más vale maña que fuerza Manuel Tamayo y Baus

With notes, exercises, and vocabulary byCarlos Everett Conant, Ph.D.Professor of Modern LanguagesUniversity of Chattanooga _Yonkers-on-Hudson, New York_

WORLD BOOK COMPANY 1918WORLD BOOK COMPANYEstablished, 1905, by CASPAR W. HODGSONYONKERS-ON-HUDSON, NEW YORK2126 PRAIRIE AVENUE, CHICAGOPublishers of New-World Spanish Series, which includes _Hall's_ All Spanish Method, _Hall's_ Poco a poco, _Phipp's_ Páginas sudamericanas, _Uribe's_ Por tierras mejicanas, _Allen's_ Fábulas y cuentos, _Martínez Sierra's_ Teatro de ensueño, _Benavente's_ El príncipe que todo lo aprendió en los libros,_Benavente's_ Los intereses creados, _Tamayo y Baus's_ Más vale maña que fuerza.
1918 PREFACENo apology need be offered for the introduction to American schools of another selection from the works of so eminent a dramatist as Manuel Tamayo y Baus (1829-1898).The _proverbio_ here presented, while one of his less pretentious works, was produced when Tamayo was at the prime of his dramatic power and popularity, and well exemplifies his consummate skill in the teaching of a moral lesson by the ingenious and artistic handling of a situation chosen from the commonplaces of everyday life._Más vale maña que fuerza_ was first presented at the Teatro de la Zarzuela in Madrid, November 26, 1866, less than six months before the initial appearance on the same stage, May 4, 1867, of the author'smasterpiece, _Un drama nuevo_.The situation treated in _Más vale maña que fuerza_ was suggested by a one-act French comedy entitled _La diplomatie du ménage_, by Mme. Caroline Berton, which was first given at the Théâtre Français, January 6, 1852.Otherwise, Tamayo's work is entirely original.With the exception of orthographic changes made in conformity with the latest rules of the Royal Spanish Academy, the text is that of the fourth volume of _Obras de D. Manuel Tamayo y Baus_, published by the Sucesores de Rivadeneyra, Madrid, 1900.The piece is well adapted for reading in the second year of high school, or in the latter part of the first year course in college, after completion of selections in an easy Spanish reader.C.E.C.CONTENTS

Más vale maña que fuerza Manuel Tamayo y Baus

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