Who is Guy Fawkes?

Who is Guy Fawkes?

In the year 1605, in England a group of conspirators plotted to kill King James I. 

Theydecided to put barrels of gunpowder in the cellarsof the Houses of Parliament and blow them upwhen the King was visiting for the openingceremony of Parliament on 5th November. Themost famous of the conspirators was Guy or‘Guido’ Fawkes, a soldier and expert in explosives.

On the eve of 4th November he went to the cellarsto check the gunpowder and it was here that hewas caught and arrested. The King had discoveredthe plan by an anonymous letter sent toParliament.

 What happened to Guy Fawkes and the other plotters?

Guy Fawkes was the expert and was found in charge of thegunpowder. He was questioned and tortured, then confessed.All the men involved were imprisoned and weregoing to be killed for treason - plotting to killthe king.Before Guy Fawkes could be hanged, he brokehis neck and died in 1606.

Quem foi Guy Fawkes?

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