Why reading comprehension is important?

Why reading comprehension is important?

The Importance of Reading Comprehension Skills

What is Comprehension? 

The ability to construct meaning and learn from text using a variety of applied strategies.

The ultimate purpose of reading. World Knowledge and Word Knowledge are associated with text comprehension

If you want to excel at school, college, work, or even in life, then you need to develop strong reading comprehension skills. This skill will help you become more successful in any area of your life. 

To succeed in life, you must have good reading comprehension skills. Read on to discover why!


Reading comprehension is important: Reasons for Comprehension Difficulties (1

Lack of appropriate prior knowledge

Inability to relate content to prior knowledge

Over-reliance on background knowledge

Inability to read text fluently

Difficulty with decoding words

Inability to attend to meaning while reading

Inability to apply comprehension strategies

Difficulty with understanding meaning of words

Reading comprehension is an essential skill for success in school and beyond. It helps you understand written material, which is critical for understanding information presented in books, magazines, newspapers, and other media.

You Can Learn More About Anything Than You Think.

If you think you can only learn something by reading a book, then you might not realize how much more you can learn by actually doing it. In fact, there are some things you can learn.

Reading comprehension is important: Strategies  (2

  • Making connections
  • Questioning
  • Visualizing
  • Inferring
  • Determining importance
  • Synthesizing
  • Monitoring
  • Metacognition
  • Answering questions
  • Recognizing story structure
  • Summarizing

Reading Comprehension Helps You Understand Information Better.

Reading comprehension helps you understand information better because it allows you to connect what you read with other knowledge you already possess. It also helps you make sense of new information when you encounter it.

Reading Comprehension Gives You A Competitive Advantage Over Others.

The goal of reading comprehension is to construct meaning while reading

Proficient readers are able to construct meaning from text by drawing inferences during and after reading

Inferring allows readers to “read between the lines”, “to read at a deeper meaning”, and “to make their own discoveries about the text”

Why reading comprehension is important?

Reading Comprehension Makes You Smarter And More Successful In Life.

  • Need build stronger comprehension skills:
  • Identifying the sentences
  • Examining headings and subheadings
  • Adding information
  • Underlining transition phrases

It’s true that reading comprehension makes you smarter and more successful in life. However, there are some other benefits to developing these skills as well:

  • To read more independently
  • Reading and understanding, form ideas and opinions
  • Use higher order thinking skills to ask themselves questions
  • To read and apply accordingly and appropriately
  • Have more ownership

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